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How to get a Literary Agent

Every Author has their own story of how they got the attention of a Literary Agent. My way was a little different to the norm. I had finished my first manuscript. The next step was to get a literary agent to have a look, but how would I do this when so many were not taking on new authors.

I had to be creative. I had to think outside the box. I sat for a few days and thought, how can I get my manuscript under the eyes of a literary agent. Then an idea came to me. A manuscript appraisal, but not your typical appraisal. It had to be done by a literary agent who offers both services under their banner. I checked the Australian Writers Marketplace book; it was old (2009/2010) but it still had all the information that I needed. I went through the Agents sections tabs and corresponded with the names in Writers’ Services and long and behold there were many.

Now, with my list in hand, it was research time. On the internet I checked to see if this information was still current and if they still offered both services. With my list now reduced, I went with my heart. The one name that just stood out to me. I had that feeling. Many of you authors know what I’m talking about. It comes to you and no matter how many times you look at something else, it just keeps pulling you back.

I took the leap of faith. I rang for a Manuscript Appraisal. I was nervous; I don’t know why. Maybe because I was finally pushing my story out there into the world, finally letting it go from my protective arms.

After our conversation, I was just as nervous. I now had to write a synopsis. Two days of stressing over the synopsis, I finally sent it in.

Two weeks of waiting, the agent emailed me. I had a few things to fix up, but the agent was interested. I took her advice on board and made the changes, after all she knows the publishing world far better than I do. I worked hard for the next month before I sent it back to her, with all the updated changes. A week later a literary agent agreement was offered. I now had a literary agent.

As you can see every author’s story is different in acquiring an agent. I thought I would share my story in the hope to those who also are after an agent. I hope this helps.

2 thoughts on “How to get a Literary Agent”

  1. As a writer in Malaysia, we don’t have agents (and publishers don’t require them), so it’s pretty different in this region. But there might come a time when I’ll need to go agent hunting if I want to break into the Western market. Thanks for sharing this!

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